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09 June 2007 @ 11:09 am
Check out this cool new Brett Lee website! Found it searching and since there's no BLN, I thought it was good for Lee's fans.
Brett Lee Online
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14 June 2006 @ 10:14 pm
Josh laughed his arse off when he read my previous entry and the comments it received especially the "death is reality" bit by a certain contributor. His take on it was "Yes, death is a reality, therefore it should not be taken lightly." Thank god he isn't as stupid and naive as those people!!!

The cricket...
West Indies vs India

WI drew the match today against India. Lara scored another BRILLIANT ton and showed why he is classified with the greatest batsmen. The day ended with Bravo and Taylor not out. India came close to winning this one even with a day's play lost due to rain. I just hope there's no rain for the next test.

England vs Ireland

Heard that England were sloppy against Ireland. HAHA! Are they really ready for the almighty Australians later this year? There's already the possibility of S. Jones missing out due to his knee surgery. Is Harmison ever in form anymore? Will the W.I. tour remain the 'Tour of his life'?
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10 June 2006 @ 01:20 pm
So I visited the infamous Brett Lee forum for the first time. It was interesting to see how fangirly some people can be. The hot topic of course being Brett Lee's personal life and more so, his recent nuptials. For me, of course, the most disappointing thing was seeing the state of the cricket forum, though I should not be surprised with it being a Brett Lee site and all. About one or two of the members there can actually cricket talk.

Going there was an interesting read but perhaps the most interesting of all was the 'CONGRATULATIONS' topic for Mr. & Mrs. Brett Lee. Apparently, one member called Miriam, is accusing the others of showing poor support for Brett Lee after his wedding. I presume she's also accusing them of being jealous which, in fact, seems obvious to me. The part of her post that grabbed my attention was the mention of LJ girls and namecalling. She claimed that a certain prominent member had an LJ and referred to Mrs Lee as a bingette and bimbo last year when she first accompanied Brett Lee to the Allan Border Medal Dinner. By that point I was appalled and started sifted through the forum and my F-List to see if I'd discover who that person is.

To my chagrin, that person was and is still on my F-List! How disappointed I was to see that someone could stoop that low. It's amazing how jealous some people can be of a beautiful woman, that they can call her these degrading names and not know a thing about her. Don't forget someone also referred to her as dumb and the combination of bingette and bimbo came up to 'bimbette'. Honestly, I would feel so stupid knowing that I said those things about her and now she is my idol's wife and she is not 'dumb' but is, in fact, a DOCTOR.

My question is "Who are the actual 'bingettes'? It would definitely have to be someone who would say such terrible things about his girlfriend now wife! Not many know this but initially, any female fan of Brett lee is a bingette, simply because everyone knows that his looks always plays a part in the fandom.

I have also read a lot of misleading things about the girls on that forum. I now know to take other people's claims with a grain of salt. The bogus "bingette letters' to Lee are some others to consider.Possibly a figment of that person's imagination? I think so! Can't express their personal feelings about the cricketer so fabricating those things is always a good option. HAHA!

Show some genuine interest in cricket(all cricket) and then I'll believe all that "I like Brett Lee for his cricket" shit. It's amazing when those people actually go to a match they take a billion pictures of Brett Lee's ass and useless ones with him tying his shoelaces etc. I wonder if they actually know the match state at that point? Whenever I go to the cricket, I don't have time to waste doing that type of shit because I'm so into the match!

They are all the same to me. Go on claiming that they like him for his cricket but have hundreds of icons with him and half-naked too. Hmmmm, what does that say? *rolls eyes* Ahhh and don't forget the ones who write the slash fics. I recently read one where they killed Brett Lee in it(understandable since he recently got married and they are all angry. The disclaimer was so right, it does take a sick mind to create such disturbing things. I would not even entertain that in my imagination. It's just not right.
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03 June 2006 @ 02:56 pm
Well the cricket is on....it's tea at the moment and the WI are trailing by 82 runs with 3 wickets down. Hope they can at least have a 150+ run lead but batting last and having to face Kumble is another story....

Meanwhile the Eng-SL test is turning into a ripper of a test match with Eng making 229 and SL now 45/1. We'll see how this one pans out.

And as for cricketers' lives off the field......
All the best for the future!

And as for my life....
Josh and I are trying to work things out, but I still need some space...
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30 May 2006 @ 04:29 pm
The test match between the West Indies and India starts on Friday.Even though the West Indies won the ODI series, they are still very much the underdogs for the test series. It's always good to see a team improving. I'll be backing the West Indies just 'cause they're the underdogs. Noticed that Ramdin retained his test spot and Dave Mohammed earned his test cap, but honestly, I think that Mohammed will get whacked by the Indians. Also good to see Laxman in the test side again. I really hope that Ramdin can prove everyone wrong and stop playing those overconfident shots that only gets him out.

England vs Sri Lanka
England deserved to win that last test, it was a good show by Plunkett proving everyone wrong. Also Pietersen was at his slogging best, well at least it's entertaining. Harmison has been given extra time to "regain full match-fitness" not that I think they really needed him.

Onto my life now...
Josh and I have been fighting constantly, I don't know what's wrong with him lately but we'll have to talk about a possible 'break'
Oh well...
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27 May 2006 @ 02:08 pm
Could someone please tell me why he left the band? I'm heartbroken to discover that Brett Scallions has left Fuel. :(
No one knows why? Apparently his former bandmates have found a replacement already in Chris what'shisname of American Idol rejection fame. *rolls eyes* His voice could never compare to Brett's. Well I guess the lyrics of their song 'Shimmer' is more than appropriate here:"all that shimmers is sure to fade"

Peace Out all,
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18 May 2006 @ 07:49 pm
DAMN!!!! India beat the West Indies by 5 wickets with 1 ball to spare! Well deserved win for India. Good match.
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29 April 2006 @ 09:45 pm
So I spent my day looking at cricket! *squee* How I enjoyed it! West Indies won and Lara hit a six to score the winning runs of the match(what a legend):D Zimbabwe bowled okayish, of course you can depend on guys like Runako Morton to make the Zim bowling attack look good, however mention must go to Blessing Mahwire for that lovely bowling action(a little work and it could become Brett Lee-esque)
What was Denesh Ramdin thinking when he attempted to play that cut shot? He got bowled all over the fricken place! Was very disappointed. :(
What's with Brendan Taylor and wearing his keeping pads on the inside of his pants? It seems only he knows the answer to this mystery.
Another match is on tomorrow in Antigua...I shall be watching again! :)
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28 April 2006 @ 10:55 pm
Trying out a background...looks good, will look for a better one at another time!
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